Parkland Florida High School Mass Shooting

To stop shootings, you have to have an armed populace that is trained and willing to respond / stand their ground. #BanGunFreeZones criminals don’t follow the rules. #ArmTeachers who are willing and capable, or hire a Veteran for security. Law abiding citizens support the 2A and carry every day!

#CCW #ConstitutionalCarry  #Pro2A #NotOnMyWatch #IamTheShepherd #OurHeartsAndPrayersAreWithParklandFlorida

Starman – A New Hi-tech Cultural Icon

SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket put a starman in a Tesla roadster into orbit.SpaceX just launched a Tesla and its space-suited mannequin pilot appropriately named “Starman” into orbit around the sun. They’re off first to visit Mars and then on their way to cruise the solar system. To me, this image of a starman in a Tesla roadster cruising through outer space is reminiscent of the old Hitachi-Maxell advertisement featuring a 1978 photograph by Steven Steigman. "Blown-away Man" a 1978 photograph by Steven Steigman.Anyone over the age of 40 should remember the guy with glasses being blasted back in his chair by the good vibrations. The photo eventually became known as the “Blown-away Man.”

I think SpaceX and Tesla just gave the world a new hi-tech cultural icon. I wonder what they’ll call this Starman and his Tesla, and more importantly, how long will it be before real humans follow?

Pestilent Smartphone Netizens

Those of you who know me understand that I sometimes get an impulsive urge to write about something that is happening in my life and then actually make the time to do it.

Here lately smartphones have become somewhat of a contention point for me. Not my phone, but those of other people, including some in my family. Almost like a pestilence unleashed, I sometimes wish those (insert expletive) things never were invented. There are people I know right now who are so obsessed with responding to every little beep, buzz, and ring-ring that it’s near impossible to hold their attention even while sitting across from them.

I understand netiquette may not be something currently taught in schools, and there do seem to be a lot of people lacking even the most basic manners. So, why should I expect anything different when they’re carrying one of those $900 distraction devices? I guess deep down I’m still an optimist. People can change, if they want to. Maybe that’s the problem, a lot of complacent people out there with way more tech than they can handle. After all, with great power comes great responsibility, or so I hear. So for all you non-complacent well-mannered types reading this, please pardon the following rant intended only for those ill-mannered smug types.

“You sir (or ma’am)! Do not drop out of a conversation we’re having so that you can glaze over while checking who might have mentioned you in some post, or responded to some sniffling, snarling, or sappy text message you sent moments before walking through my door. You shouldn’t if you value my business or this relationship for that matter. Even a polite “excuse me” isn’t going to smother the flames of fury you’re going to ignite the moment you reach for that (insert expletive) thing. It’s aggravating enough that it’s buzzing while I’m responding to you.”

I think this ranks right up there with those people who call and then seconds later place you on hold while they answer another call. Hello! This is (insert expletive) bullshit! FYI, I usually hang up.

Lastly, my son is pleading his case on an almost daily basis in hopes of becoming the next (possibly last) mobile netizen in his class. He tells me, “Everyone has a smartphone, dad.” I’ve yet to confirm if they do, but seriously, what kind of world am I living in if every eight-grader has a smartphone! Why does this not make any sense to me? Am I becoming less progressive? Or too overly protective? I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts. Feel free to drop me a message below, just not from your smartphone, okay. lol 🙂