Info Tech & Security

William McGill has accumulated over two decades of technology & information security experience consisting of the following:

  • Systems administration, TCP/IP networking, and hardware
  • Encryption, cybersecurity, systems hardening, and pen testing
  • Systems integration, interfacing, and data mergers
  • Virtualization of apps, servers, storage, & networks

Within these operating systems:

  • GNU/Linux (Debian, Kali)
  • MS Windows (server, workstation)
  • Apple OS X

Utilizing the following packages and tools (partial list):

  • Apache, NGINX, MySQL, MariaDB, and PHP
  • Shell Scripting (Bash), C, and Python
  • VMware ESXi, Oracle VirtualBox
  • pfSense, OPNsense
  • WordPress, CMS

William McGill is a longtime information technology professional and proponent of network neutrality. He is also a veteran supporter of free/libre open-source software (FLOSS). “Free as in free speech, not free beer,” as Richard Stallman put it.